Caregiving is Complicated. Your Life Can Be Easier!

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Caregiving for someone with special needs is complicated, stressful, and can be lonely. We provide an online service to help you navigate the highs and lows of life so you can have peace and help your family flourish.

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When becoming a caregiver of an individual with special needs, we often focus on caring for those who we're responsible for, while working less at caring for ourselves. The time and financial commitment of being a caregiver is stressful and while our position should require more resources, what FamilyEQ found in research is that caregivers are often equipped with fewer resources to thrive. Our aim is to even those odds. Please watch this video from our founder, Dr. Gary Sweeten, to hear why we created this tool and how we know it will work for your family.

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We Give Caregivers New Tools to Reduce Stress

Through years of evidence and practice based research, we understand that there is a gap between the needs of caregivers and the tools and resources available to them. FamilyEQ exists because nothing like it has been available, despite that need. Our tools are designed to give the caregiver the power to work on what is important to their family. While there are many pieces of FamilyEQ that are unique, the Assessment and Action Planner are what enable your family to pinpoint the items in your life that matter. They assist you in giving yourself the care that you need to impact your family in a significant way. Learn more about these tools and how they'll help your family today.

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High Tech

We wanted to bring the tool into your home through easy to use and intuitive technology.

High Touch

Our tool allows you to get in touch with family and friends who you trust to support you.

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We have an immense media library, providing content to help your family discuss and deal with your unique challenges.



Our users have made significant changes in their lives and the lives of those they serve through utilizing FamilyEQ.

"Sweeten Life Systems provides outstanding training for our mentors who support at risk urban youth in high schools. Mentors report that the training increases their confidence in being an effective mentor and provides them with skills and tools to make mentoring more successful."

Carole Adlard, Healthy Visions, Executive Director

"My life bears the indelible mark of FamilyEQ. Their teachings and systems have equipped me to win at home with my wife and children, to succeed professionally, and to experience an atmosphere of peace in my home and in my soul."

Ken Moyer, Head Football Coach & Mathematics Teacher, Dayton Christian School, retired Bengals Offensive Lineman