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Building a motivated family support team

Today the family is commonly defined in terms of strongly supportive, long-term roles and relationships between people who may or may not be related by blood or marriage.

Do you think about your family’s support as a championship team? If it was a championship team, what new remarkable things could it accomplish?

Picture in your mind what the ingredients are of your championship team. Here is what you might see.

  • Each family team member would be motivated by strong desire to make a personal contribution to the success of the family.
  • Each family team member would personally benefit from using their time, talents and resources because of how they helped each other.
  • Each family team memberwould mature emotionally because of the relationships and bonds with other team members.

Using the results of the FamilyEQ Resource Builder as a guide, your family can use new empathy-driven interpersonal skills to build a championship team.

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Supporting a Loved One Who is Grieving

Showing our love and care for those we are close to is essential. I learned a lot about being with grieving families and friends from my mom and dad. They had no formal education in grief counseling or anything else, but they had a lot of common sense about supporting people in pain.

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The Bully Within

We have met the enemy and he is us! Pogo, a cartoon by Walt Kelly Research on bullies’ shows that people with a delay or disability are often picked on. At FamilyEQ we cooperate with schools and organizations to prevent and reduce bullying. While childhood bullies are real, many of us struggle with a form […]

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Be an Encourager, not a Discourager for Families with Special Needs

Be an Encourager . . . What can each one of us do to help a family with a child who has special needs? During our year-long, ethnographic research process, families in the study shared with us those specific things which encourage them – create positive energy and feelings that mean so much. Consider how […]

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How to Have Respectful Disagreements

Learning how to work through disagreements is essential to developing healthy, up-building relationships and working cooperatively to accomplish worthy goals.  For the past 47 years I have been working with individuals and families who are in conflict. Some conflict is good, necessary, and growth producing. Conflict comes from an inability of two or more people […]

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