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Building a motivated family support team

Today the family is commonly defined in terms of strongly supportive, long-term roles and relationships between people who may or may not be related by blood or marriage.

Do you think about your family’s support as a championship team? If it was a championship team, what new remarkable things could it accomplish?

Picture in your mind what the ingredients are of your championship team. Here is what you might see.

  • Each family team member would be motivated by strong desire to make a personal contribution to the success of the family.
  • Each family team member would personally benefit from using their time, talents and resources because of how they helped each other.
  • Each family team memberwould mature emotionally because of the relationships and bonds with other team members.

Using the results of the FamilyEQ Resource Builder as a guide, your family can use new empathy-driven interpersonal skills to build a championship team.

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Building a Family Support Team – Know Your Team’s Strengths

We must look on children in need not as problems but as individuals with potential. I would hope we could find creative ways to draw out of our children the good that there is in each of them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize laureate How can you discover your children’s unique talents? And […]

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Families that Play together, Stay Together!

Are you surprised at this title? Were you expecting something else like, the family that prays together stays together? That is also true. However, the notion that PLAY together is good for family harmony is rare. It came as a shock to me to learn that table games at home can be such a healthy […]

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Communicating with Kindness is a Choice Everyone Can Make

Communicating with kindness allows us to accomplish many things by creating an encouraging environment.

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Building Others Up: 4 Basic Skills That Show Love?

Do you want to be the person your family and friends can confide in and feel supported and encouraged? Check your GREW skills to start.

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