Professionals say it adds value

Professionals say it adds value
HMG Service Coordinators* – Value to Family Assessment % true
1.I feel that the data my families provide from their self-assessment, and the data from family goals and action plans will help our team solve even more family problems in the future. 91%
2. When a family works with me to use the Family Resource Builder, I feel it reveals new and useful problems that will improve that family’s life when solved. 82%
3.I can coach a family to take responsibility and learn new skills necessary for them to improve the quality of their life. 82%
4.I am confident that I could deal efficiently with unexpected and hard-to-accomplish family goals that can result from the needs self-assessment and discussion process. 73%
5. I feel that when I use the process, I can use more of my professional talents and training. 63%

12 Butler County Service Coordinators having completed the process with 88 families from October 2015 – February 2016.

6 CEUs of Training prepares the professionals

(26 HMG Staff, leadership & SCs evaluation)


Training Element

% Very + Extremely Satisfied
Overall Satisfaction with the Training 84%
% confident + very confident
1. I can introduce the 3-step engagement process to my families. 85%
2. I understand the purpose & value of family engagement. 100%
3. I understand how to use my professional skills and best practices to facilitate the process 100%
4. I understand how to help the family set achievable goals. 100%
5. I know how to lead the Action Planning portion of the process. 85%
6. I learned new approaches for helping when my families are in chaos. 93%
“It was found that the Family Resource Builder™ and the process it dictates is an effective tool in facilitating patient activation and enabling parents to take the central role in planning and implementing care for their child with special needs. A greater feeling of parent efficacy was suggested as well as an increased feeling of empowerment and control, which has been shown to increase positive outcomes for patients. The Family Resource Builder™ was also seen as a useful tool for other areas of family support including special education.”

Dr. Thomas Knestrict, Xavier University,  in summarizing his yearlong Family Resource Builder™

beta testing experience, October 2014 – October 2015, with 35 student interviewers and 50 families who have a child with special needs.

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