A focused plan leads to positive actions for change

Families who have goals and a plan for reaching those goals are energized to work together.

The family report of the FamilyEQ Resource Builder™ reflective assessment gives each family member new choices on how they might improve the family’s ability to flourish.

The report acts like a crystal ball that sees inside of each family member’s mind. Family members have a reason to discuss their felt needs, set personal and family achievable goals – goals that put them on a journey forward towards life improvement.

The FamilyEQ Resource Builder™ Family Report provides guidelines for setting achievable goals and working as a family support team towards those goals.

Every family can do this. And, every family that sets clear directions to achieve their goals, has the means to include helpers and friends and others in their support system. Relationships are formed with everyone being able to contribute their time, talents and resources.

Your family is on its way to flourishing!