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Serving families who have members with special needs is complex.
Contact us now to receive your free trial kit which includes a free subscription for up to five families and their support team.

Why Partner With family EQ?

As a leader in your organization, you are striving to continually improve your organization’s service offerings. Under the direction of family counseling expert, Dr. Gary Sweeten, our original research gave us insight into the difficult life situations faced by families who have a member with special needs. The FamilyEQ equipping process was developed from that research and can now be implemented in your business or organization to increase the effectiveness of your benefits and services. The risk-free trial kit allows your team to experience the benefits as families gain new problem-solving skills that connect easier, faster, and with more clarity to every touch-point your team provides.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I offer FamilyEQ to the families I serve?
What is the Free Trial Kit?
How can a partnership with FamilyEQ benefit the families we serve?
What is the benefit to my organization?
What reports and data do partner organizations receive?
Who pays for the FamilyEQ subscription?
Does offering FamilyEQ to our members/families require additional staff or resources to manage it?
I am a therapist who serves children with special needs. How could FamilyEQ benefit my clients?
Does FamilyEQ work best in churches that have existing special needs ministries?
As a business owner, how can I offer this program to my employees who have family members with special needs?
I manage a large non-profit agency who serves children across several counties. Do you partner with government agencies also?


Our users have made significant changes in their lives and the lives of those they serve through utilizing FamilyEQ.

"Sweeten Life Systems provides outstanding training for our mentors who support at risk urban youth in high schools. Mentors report that the training increases their confidence in being an effective mentor and provides them with skills and tools to make mentoring more successful."

Carole Adlard, Healthy Visions, Executive Director

"My life bears the indelible mark of FamilyEQ. Their teachings and systems have equipped me to win at home with my wife and children, to succeed professionally, and to experience an atmosphere of peace in my home and in my soul."

Ken Moyer, Head Football Coach & Mathematics Teacher, Dayton Christian School, retired Bengals Offensive Lineman