How it Works

FamilyEQ started in 2009 by parents and caregivers like you. It is designed to be a help to your health and your family's well being.

What We Do

FamilyEQ enables families to radically reduce overall stress and chaos. To accomplish this, we've developed short, valuable, lessons to build skills that caregivers can use to help their families thrive.

FamilyEQ will help shift enough of your families focus towards the caregivers hidden needs, which are often the most overlooked. FamilyEQ reduces stress and increases caregiver emotional and physical health. Ultimately, your family will thrive and succeed together.

Why It's Important

Being a caregiver is one of the most important and selfless roles we can play. Providing care to those who cannot provide for themselves is also challenging and will bring unique struggles to your family dynamic. FamilyEQ provides support and relief to our caregivers because they're engaged in that role 24/7, 365 days a year.

FamilyEQ is important because it brings focus to the needs of caregivers, where they often go unnoticed otherwise. We work on the health of the family through focusing on the health of the caregiver. This is the missing link to overall family health.

What You Get


Our online assessment is years in the making. It was developed through clinical research to get to the core of what is important to you as a caregiver and your support group. The assessment is the foundation for which we'll build your family health. The assessment will also bring invaluable insights to the caregiver via their trusted network, bringing everyone together for a common goal.

Discovery Toolkits

The Family EQ Discovery Toolkits are built to help you, as the caregiver, work with your family to grow a healthy and caring environment. You'll be provided with both personal and family toolkits to build a thriving family and a stress-free caregiver.

Healthy Support Network

With FamilyEQ you are granted access for yourself and up to 4 additional members on a single purchase. This allows the caregiver to involve those that are most important to support the family and caregiver. Having a healthy support network is key to family success.

Exclusive Content To Thrive

As you start to work within the FamilyEQ system of tools, you'll gain access to exclusive content like our StressRx series, additional video content, and training, and articles to help bring light to different stressors as well as techniques to conquer them. Your family journey is never ending and FamilyEQ is here to support the process at all stages.

Product Highlights

High Tech

We wanted to bring the tool into your home through easy to use and intuitive technology.

High Touch

Our tool allows you to get in touch with family and friends who you trust to support you.

High Teach

We have an immense media library, providing content to help your family discuss and deal with your unique challenges.

Features Walkthrough

FamilyEQ was built with today's caregivers in mind. Our tools are easy to use and intuitive, so you can get to work with your family immediately. Watch as family caregiver and FamilyEQ Operations Manager Andrea Bowsher, walks through the amazing tools and features of your yearly subscription.

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Our users have made significant changes in their lives by utilizing FamilyEQ.

"I kept saying, where was this five years ago when I really needed this. Everything that I read or watched on the site can immediately be applied to your life, which I think is super impactful. The videos are so compassionate, and you know they understand." ... "And, when I feel like I need more help, the ACTION PLANNER helps me focus on the facts and have productive conversations."

Emily, mom, teacher, and user

"We love the site because sometimes we are not able to verbalize our feelings. Seeing the stories/articles, inviting our closest family and friends to participate also started some amazing conversations. I take the lead on our son's care and school. My husband is a huge support and has his own amazing strengths but sharing FamilyEQ with him has helped us become a stronger family unit."

Amber, mom, special education teacher, and user