Managing Stress

StressRx - E-Learning to Reduce Stress

Stress impacts our lives in both good and bad ways.  Dr. Gary Sweeten and Randy Creamer discuss strategies for understanding and managing stress in your life. Topics covered include:

  1. The good that stress does for you
  2. We all experience Stress Myths
  3. Perfectionism?
  4. Managing Good Stress = a real possibility for the family

Making the video work for you

Take time to reflect and make notes. Actually writing your thoughts on a paper or digitally helps promote change and growth.

  • What 1 thing is causing you Distress today.  Write a complete first-person sentence starting with “I am  . . . (list the stressful situation in detail). How does this limit your life? What is holding you back?
  • What 1 thing is providing you positive stress today? A goal? A hope? A tug on your life? Something a family member wants or needs?  Write a complete first-person sentence starting with “I want . . .  (list the positive situation in detail). How does this move your life forward? How does this make you feel if you succeed?
  • What myth about stress has limited your life? Take a minute to listen again to Randy’s personal story about what ‘good boys don’t do’ as a reminder of the myth his mother put into his mind that caused him stress.

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