A Reflective Assessment helps you discover areas for family growth

It is easy in the chaos of daily life to lose sight of the long term. Stopping and taking some time to reflect can uncover things that are out-of-sight or out-of-mind, but important. When you reflect, you can rediscover those items.

The FamilyEQ Resource Builder® reflective-assessment takes about 10 minutes, and can be done anytime on any digital device – computer, tablet or smart phone. It walks you through 26 areas of family life that may be hidden. It is not a test, but a simple way to begin to focus your family’s attention on important, hidden items. Families like yours helped us identify the items that are most relevant to today’s families.

The family caregiver can invite 4 people to participate. These can be adult family members, friends or a professional whose input is desired and trusted. Each invited person completes the reflective assessment indicating how they might be willing to use their strengths and talents to help your family flourish.

Our mission at FamilyEQ is to equip families and to help caregivers develop a robust support team to discover strengths within the family and the team so everyone involved can flourish.

Who would you like to invite to participate in doing the reflective assessment with you?