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The FamilyEQ Family Resource Builder Online Assessment – identifying stressors and revealing hidden hopes and dreams. Free Paid
Personal Discovery Toolkit for problem solving that guides you through a proven process of goal setting and action planning for caregiver and family life improvement. Includes a secure online platform that saves your priorities and progress. yearly Gift
Personal Online Dashboard. Log in anytime to view, update, download or print priorities, goals, and action plans, invite others to be a part of your team, view team member results, and get full access to the complete media toolkit. yearly Gift
Plus 4 additional Reflective Self-Assessments that can be sent to friends and family to invite them to be a part of the FamilyEQ flourishing process. Once your friend or family member completes the assessment, they will have access to a full year free subscription including their own personal dashboard and you will receive their results indicating how they want to help. yearly Gift
StressRx subscription – Six-part series delivered via email and exclusively available to subscribers on FamilyEQ.us includes articles, videos, and activities that help families learn new ways to make positive changes in their thinking and behavior. yearly Gift
Ongoing encouraging emails that demonstrate how to get the most value from the FamilyEQ website. The more you learn, the better problem-solver you and your family become. yearly Gift
The FamilyEQ website – your social media mobile access to articles, expert videos and tips. yearly Gift Free
Monthly FamilyEQ Relational Health Newsletter – the best 5 minutes of online reading every month yearly Gift Free


Our users have made significant changes in their and those that they serve's lives through utilizing FamilyEQ. These are the words that matter to FamilyEQ.

“FamilyEQ provides outstanding training for our mentors who support at risk urban youth in high schools. Mentors report that the training increases their confidence in being an effective mentor and provides them with skills and tools to make mentoring more successful.”

Carole Adlard, Healthy Visions, Executive Director

“My life bears the indelible mark of Sweeten Life Systems and FamilyEQ. Their teachings and systems have equipped me to win at home with my wife and children, to succeed professionally, and to experience an atmosphere of peace in my home and in my soul."

Ken Moyer, Head Football Coach, Mathematics Teacher, Dayton Christian School, retired Bengals Offensive Lineman