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Relating Well

$ Paid members only Serenity Prayer

Would you like to have more peace in your life? Less anxiety? Less stress? The serenity prayer is a time-tested prayer or meditation used by millions worldwide to reflect daily on their life.

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Relating Well Functioning Well

Building a Family Support Team – Know Your Team’s Strengths

We must look on children in need not as problems but as individuals with potential. I would hope we could find creative ways to draw out of our children the good that there is in each of them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize laureate How can you discover your children’s unique talents? And

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Functioning Well Relating Well

$ Paid members only Relationship Insurance Part 2 of 3: Conflicts are Inevitable, but Break Ups are Optional

Healthy Complaints actually keep a relationship clean and growing. However, when out of frustration and pain, we start to Criticize or show Contempt, there is danger of a permanent break in the relationship.

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Relating Well Functioning Well Unwinding Well

The 12 Steps for Daily Living - Resolving Problems and Gaining Peace

What are the things in your life that constantly cause you relationship problems? Anger about your circumstances? Fear of trying something new to overcome a life challenge? Bitterness that a nagging problem never seems to get resolved? Jealousy and lust that others appear to have more than we do?

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