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The 12 Steps for Daily Living - Resolving Problems and Gaining Peace

What are the things in your life that constantly cause you relationship problems? Anger about your circumstances? Fear of trying something new to overcome a life challenge? Bitterness that a nagging problem never seems to get resolved? Jealousy and lust that others appear to have more than we do?

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Families that Play together, Stay Together!

Are you surprised at this title? Were you expecting something else like, the family that prays together stays together? That is also true. However, the notion that PLAY together is good for family harmony is rare. It came as a shock to me to learn that table games at home can be such a healthy

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How to Have Respectful Disagreements

Learning how to work through disagreements is essential to developing healthy, up-building relationships and working cooperatively to accomplish worthy goals. For the past 47 years I have been working with individuals and families who are in conflict. Some conflict is good, necessary, and growth producing. Conflict comes from an inability of two or more people

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The Bully Within

Research on bullies’ shows that people with a delay or disability are often picked on. At FamilyEQ we cooperate with schools and organizations to prevent and reduce bullying. While childhood bullies are real, many of us struggle with a form of bullying into adulthood.

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