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$ Paid members only Relationship Insurance Part 3 of 3: Oh No! We're at Stage Four of Conflict. Now What?

Conflict with contemptuous communication (Stage 4) can trigger emotional flooding and reactivity. When one or both of the people become emotionally reactive (emotionally flooded), it is not possible to have a rational discussion.

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Relating Well Functioning Well

Supporting a Loved One Who is Grieving

Being with people who are grieving can be difficult because we really want to say and do the ‘right thing’ but are anxious about making a mistake. <strong>There are many ways to add to their pain and not many ways to relieve it.</strong>

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Functioning Well

$ Paid members only I'm in Charge - Relationship Health

The sources of our stress are all around us. There are specific people who aren’t supportive and are actually negatively impacting your life. You know who they are. They are the people by whom you feel attacked when you share a concern or need. There are organizations you need that are difficult to work with. You know which ones they are. They don’t seem to understand your needs.

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