Building a Family Support Team – Know Your Teams Strengths

Relating Well

We must look on children in need not as problems but as individuals with potential. I would hope we could find creative ways to draw out of our children the good that there is in each of them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

How can you discover your children’s unique talents? And how can you use your own talents and strengths to be the most effective and supportive parent possible? These important questions are addressed by author Mary Reckmeyer, Ph.D, in her book from Gallup, “Strengths based Parenting.” Unlike many parenting books, Mary focuses on identifying and understanding what your children are naturally good at and where they thrive – not on their weaknesses. The book also helps you and your family team uncover your own innate talents and effectively apply them to your individual parenting style.

FamilyEQ’s Family Resource Builder® research with over 500 families has revealed that most families haven’t thought about the strengths and talents of individual family members, and haven’t begun to organize themselves as a winning team. On winning teams, each team member is fully utilizing their individual talents and skills to work as a highly effective unit.

Materials we suggest your team can use to identify individual strengths, skills, and values are:

“Strengths based Parenting” from Gallup; author Mary Bechmeyeer, Ph.D

Take the free VIA Values and Strengths inventory on the VIA website.

Purchase the book “Please Understand Me” and take the Kiersey Bates temperament inventory along with all family members.

Each of these tools will help you understand more about yourself, and each family member will grow in confidence as a team member when they learn to apply their strengths to help the entire family flourish.