Functioning Well

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Functioning Well – every family member doing a job they are capable of

Our mission at is to equip families to function as a championship team. In championship teams, every team member has a job to do, and they are trained to do their job with all their heart, focus, and personal skills.

Families that have a member with special needs may need to do jobs they have never done before for the care of the family member, and, even more importantly, for the care of each other. When families are functioning well the responsibility of meeting the needs of the member with special needs is shared to others beyond the primary caregiver.

A great solution to this dilemma happens when every family member adjusts their family responsibilities to assist the primary caregiver. Friends and extended family members find their role in this team-focused process.

The FamilyEQ Resource Builder®reflective assessment and family report helps guide the entire family and support system in the adjustments needed to better care for one another, in addition to the family member who has special needs. This tool identifies family problem solving skills, resilience factors, household organization and caregiver health, and family strengths & resources as areas important to improving functioning wellness.

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Understanding Your Reactivity

As humans it is in our nature to become angry. The way we handle our anger may depend on with whom we are interacting at the time. For example, I am the second child with one brother who was always older, smarter and bigger than I was. So, when I am with a first born brother who acts like my big brother, I am more reactive than if he were a second born. I tend to be defensive and reactive any time a person lectures me as if I were a little boy!

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Supporting a Loved One Who is Grieving

Being with people who are grieving can be difficult because we really want to say and do the ‘right thing’ but are anxious about making a mistake. <strong>There are many ways to add to their pain and not many ways to relieve it.</strong>

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Relationship Insurance Part 3 of 3: Oh No! We're at Stage Four of Conflict. Now What?

Conflict with contemptuous communication (Stage 4) can trigger emotional flooding and reactivity. When one or both of the people become emotionally reactive (emotionally flooded), it is not possible to have a rational discussion.

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The 12 Steps for Daily Living - Resolving Problems and Gaining Peace

What are the things in your life that constantly cause you relationship problems? Anger about your circumstances? Fear of trying something new to overcome a life challenge? Bitterness that a nagging problem never seems to get resolved? Jealousy and lust that others appear to have more than we do?

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