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$ Paid members only Words Do Cause Stress

In school we learn how to read words, write words, spell words, construct different kinds of sentences, and learn word definitions. At home and in society we learn and are exposed to a wide variety of communications.

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Delete Shoulds and Oughts

Did you realize that you have words inside you that can be harmful to you? Are these words literally inside you? No, but they are burned into your brain and guiding the way you respond to many situations resulting in stress.

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$ Paid members only False Guilt and Shame

What is the difference between real guilt and false guilt? Real guilt is our human response to when we have done something wrong, know it is wrong, and guilt is that feeling we experience because of the wrong-doing.

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$ Paid members only Managing Stress

Stress impacts our lives in both good and bad ways.  Dr. Gary Sweeten and Randy Creamer discuss strategies for understanding and managing stress in your life. Topics covered include:

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